If are looking for the most efficient form of thermal insulation then look no further than a Polyurethane Spray Foam Roof System. Our High Energy Efficiency Spray-In-Place Foam Insulation is the best solution available for thermal and moisture control. This type of roofing system will pay for itself in a few years (2 to 6 on average) through energy/cooling savings costs as well as maintenance savings. Our foam systems are LEED qualified and are green building materials.
A great benefit of our foam systems is that they do not contain harmful chemicals and they can usually be applied over existing roofing systems. This provides an extremely environmentally friendly solution that saves lots of time due to not having any demolition/tear off and/or rebuilding costs. Installation is very quick and there is no known end to the service life of a properly maintained SPF insulated foam roofing system. Our solutions exceed current Title 24 requirements. 10, 15, and 20 year labor and material warranties are available for your peace of mind.

The SPF or Foam roof system

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF or "foam") roof systems provide a seamless, monolithic application. The roof system has excellent adhesion properties and can be an outstanding roof system where wind uplift is a concern.

The process

Spray polyurethane foam roofs are applied in a two-part liquid process that dries quickly to form a seamless waterproof barrier. This barrier adds insulation and can be field fabricated to provide taper and slope so the roof can drain effectively. Spray foam roofs provide increased insulation and reflectivity and, among other various attributes, are fire resistant.


Once the roof is installed, it is then coated. The coating protects the "foam" from ultraviolet degradation. For added protection and slip resistance, granules can be broadcasted into the roof coating. We can also provide a cementitious layer that can be used as the coating over the spray polyurethane foam roof system. This provides a very durable finish that is excellent for high traffic roof areas.
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